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Publisert den 28.04.2023 av PTG Tempra AS

Tempra becomes part of PTG

After 36 years as Tempra, the company now becomes part of the nationwide group of refrigeration companies PTG (Perfect Temperature Group).

- PTG Tempra will still be an independent company, but now as an official part of PTG. Tempra as a brand name will be continued through what is today reeferservice, which we now name Tempraservice. We look forward to a new and exciting era with a new profile, says Øyvind Skulstad, General Manager of PTG Tempra.

- Ambitions for the Ålesunds area

PTG develops and delivers environmentally friendly refrigeration, freezing and energyefficient solutions. They have a strong position in industry and the maritime industry, and have long had ambitions to strengthen their presence in the Ålesunds area.

- Here is a strong and innovative industrial cluster within maritime, industry, aquaculture and seafood. Therefore, we are pleased to have the skilled employees of Tempra join the PTG family to develop our products and services in the region, says CEO of PTG, Terje Arnesen.

Hopes for an even more attractive working environment

PTG is considered a pioneer in the use of environmentally friendly refrigerants both nationally and internationally, and has worked on major projects such as the particle accelerator for CERN in Switzerland and the seed storage facility on Svalbard.

Øyvind Skulstad is very pleased with the transition, and hopes this will lead to an even more attractive working environment.


  • PTG is owned by Nordic Climate Group. All the Norwegian companies in Norway fall under PTG in the ownership structure.
  • The companies are just under 50% employee-owned, with the investment company Altor holding the remaining shares.